Get your NIE easily

and carry out your STUDENT, REAL ESTATE or PROFESSIONAL project in Spain.

Are you unfamiliar with the process and struggle of getting your NIE in Spain?

Our Law Firm can help you obtain your NIE quickly and easily.

Extensive experience in obtaining the NIE

After more than 1500 NIE applications successfully processed, we can guarantee you a fast and secure application without you having to travel to Spain, which will save you additional costs.

Personalized advice in your language

We will guide you from A to Z and in your language throughout the procedure and we will take care of everything for you. All you need to do is sign a power of attorney. We take care of the paperwork.

Expert immigration lawyer

Our experience in dealing with immigration matters will save you time and energy, as you will be advised by an English-speaking lawyer who is an expert in immigration, enabling you to deal with any obstacles or emergencies in obtaining your NIE.

Get your NIE in approximately 7 to 12 days, with the support of an expert lawyer.

Two types of NIE depending on your situation...

Remote Non-resident NIE

If you are European or non-European and you do not intend to reside in Spain, this is the best option.

The service includes:


Resident NIE

If you are European and want to settle in Spain, this is the best option.

The service includes:


If you are going to carry out an operation in Spain on behalf of your foreign company , we will also support you throughout the process in obtaining the NIF for your company. ¡Don’t hesitate to contact us!


We take care of all these formalities for you...

Non-resident NIE

  1. We will send you the draft power of attorney by email.
  2. You will need to sign it before a notary in the country where you are based.
    Send the power of attorney to our office in Alicante.
  3. We will take care of obtaining your NIE.

You won't have to worry about any paperwork!

You will obtain your NIE quickly and without having to travel to Spain.

Do you need your NIE in less than 7 days ?

Don't worry, we have an express service to get it in less than 7 days. On demand. Contact us!

NIE Resident

  1. We make an appointment to apply for the NIE.
  2. We explain to you the documents to gather according to your type of request, prepare your file and complete the forms.
  3. We will send you a description of the steps to follow so that you do not encounter any difficulties on the day of the appointment.
  4. You go to the Foreigner’s Office and follow our instructions. You get your NIE!

Quick and easy.

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Spain, a country in which to settle or conduct business operations.

Spain ranks 2nd among the best countries in which to live.

Its mild climate, delicious cuisine, welcoming atmosphere, and the profitability and security offered by the property market are just some of the reasons why many foreigners choose to live and invest in Spain.

Legislation such as the Law on Entrepreneurs has introduced a number of residence permits that are simpler to apply for, and very advantageous.

Whether you want to retire in Spain, work remotely, invest in property, set up your own business, join your family or study, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

What our customers say

Sophoan Saxer
Sophoan Saxer
Excellent service!
Nicolas Fumoleau
Nicolas Fumoleau
Obtention rapide du NIE grâce à Idoneo Spain. Je recommande leurs services.
Christophe LE CORNU
Christophe LE CORNU
Cabinet très réactif. Idoneo m'a tenu informé tout au long de la procédure. Very responsive office. Idoneo kept me informed throughout the procedure.
Callum Mundine
Callum Mundine
Great working with Irene. Seamless process to get my NIE
Très bon services, accueillant et bienveillant Demande de NIE rapide et très bien encadrée Je recommande fortement Merci beaucoup IDONEO
borja guedea aparicio
borja guedea aparicio
De las mejores asesorías de alicante, trato inmejorable. Da mucho gusto trabajar con gente así. Muy recomendable.
Omar Reguemali
Omar Reguemali
Amazing, kind, professional and very responsive. I can’t express enough how great this team is and how efficient they are. I can recommend it with my eyes closed. Once again thank you for everything!
Isabelle Chaaito
Isabelle Chaaito
Super quick and effective service! Highly recommend
Christophe Blin
Christophe Blin
Vraiment très impressionné par le travail d Irène, professionnalisme, rapidité, clarté,efficacité, je recommande vivement, et la recontacterai avec plaisir pour de futures affaires !!

Idoneo Spain, your expert lawyer in all legal procedures and investment operations in Spain.

Do you need the NIE to make a purchase or sale, apply for credit, set up a company or receive a donation or inheritance? You can consult us FREE of charge as part of your NIE service. We are a law firm with expertise in immigration and investments in Spain and will be happy to guide you through the steps to follow so as not to encounter any difficulties!


For stays of less than 3 months or to carry out certain formalities (opening a bank account, buying property, incorporating a company, subscribing to internet services, water, electricity, accepting an inheritance, declaring your tax, working) you will need a non-resident NIE. Non-resident NIEs can be obtained remotely (by proxy).

For stays of more than 3 months, you will need a resident NIE. The resident NIE can only be done in Spain.

In the case of a future employee or entrepreneur, even if they are going to reside in Spain, it may be advisable to apply for a non-resident NIE first.

The NIE will be required at the time of signing before a notary. For previous contracts, the passport or (European) identity card is sufficient. However, in certain cases, banks, real estate agencies or developers may request the NIE beforehand.

We recommend that you always do this as quickly as possible so as not to get stuck in such an important financial transaction and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

To work in Spain as an employee: if you do not have an employment contract or employment agreement, you will usually be asked for a non-resident NIE. To work in Spain as a freelancer (called “autónomo” in Spain): you will need to go through the non-resident NIE first.

The NIE must be registered with the Spanish Tax Administration for any procedure having transcendent tax implications (e.g. purchase/sale, inheritance, rental, vehicle, residing in Spain, working, etc.).

It is therefore advisable to carry out this process immediately after obtaining the NIE.

The non-resident NIE (white document) is the same for everyone, whether European citizens or non-European citizens.

The resident NIE is reserved for European citizens.

For non-EU citizens, the TIE or residence card is reserved for them. The procedure and the file to prepare are very different. Depending on the situation of each person and their needs, one permit will be more suitable than another. Do not hesitate to contact us !

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