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Secure your projects in Spain and protect your interests and those of your family.

We help people like you to carry out your real estate, professional and life projects in Spain with all the guarantees, putting your interests at the center of the negotiation and minimizing the tax impact.

We can carry out most of the procedures for you, remotely, without having to travel.

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Any project you want to carry out in Spain must take into account a series of variables that are often overlooked, with the consequences that this entails:


It is essential to clearly define the project taking into account the different existing legal options. The same solution is not valid for everyone.

Technical knowledge according to the project

How do I know that I am making a good real estate purchase in Spain? What happens to my assets in Spain if I pass away? Is it convenient to donate my property in Spain to my children? What steps do I have to take to set up a company or start a business in Spain?


Every project entails tax implications, foreseeing this amount, and the way to reduce them according to a defined strategy, is key to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Do you know how to open a bank account and deliver the necessary documentation to transfer those funds, which will allow you to carry out your project within the deadlines you have committed to? What if they block your account?

This is exactly what we do for you

We accompany you at every stage of your project in order to achieve your goal, with maximum security and peace of mind, and without having to depend on several professionals who do not know all the details of your project, or on one, who finally does not master all the areas involved, and therefore might not recommend you what is best in YOUR case.


Main areas in which we can help you.


Do you have a purchase or investment project but don't know how to start? We accompany you and defend your interests.

We can help you from the research stage, as a real estate hunter, or once you have found the property to secure your transaction, as a lawyer and consultant.


We help you define your expatriation plan in Spain, advising you on the ideal visa or residence permit for you and your family.

We can also help you with your nationality application and double nationality cases.


We can help you with the setting up of your company in Spain, your entrepreneurship, accompany you during an inheritance or donation, tax studies for specific operations or the implications of becoming a tax resident, tax regime applications (Beckham Law,...).


Since 2018 we have been helping people like you to make their life, investment, professional and family projects a reality in Spain. We have helped people of more than fifteen nationalities to achieve their goals in Spain: United States, United Kingdom, China, Algeria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Morocco, China, United States, …

And in all types of projects: real estate purchase and sale, purchase of land for construction, investment for rental, investment in hotels, bank financing, claim for non-compliance, investor residences, non-profit residences, entrepreneur residences, digital nomads, inheritances, donations, constitution of companies,…


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